Re-Manufacturing Consulting

With projected tripling of consumer returns due to eCommerce sales, reverse logistics become an unavoidable piece of the sales puzzle. We know how to handle it!

Component Level Analysis

Nobody makes no mistakes. And when they do happen, we’re here to find them quickly and provide you a full fault analysis and steps to fix the issue right in the factory.

Repair Center

Competent and trained crew of specialists is crucial to fast and faultless repairs. Our Authorized Repair Center program provides dependable and convenient one stop shop for your clients’ needs.

We are EQAS with 10 Years of Experience!

Even the savviest and most experienced manufacturers sometimes face menacing problems discovered by their customers. EQAS is here to help you overcome the powerless feeling of uncertainty associated with spiking returns and customer dissatisfaction. Our Failure Mode Analysis and Root Cause Analysis will help you fix the problem at its source.

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Failure Mode Analysis
  • Manufacturing Standards Assurance
More about us

Our Team

EQAService is owned and operated by our team of experienced engineers and sales managers. Together, we have a diverse background in: mechanics, electrical engineering, materials, and design. We have expertise in developing business relations with sales partners and customers. In addition, our team also has experience with quality assurance, production management, supply chain management for production line and service activities.

Our Experience

Our skillset within our team has enabled us to complete working prototypes for automated devices such an autosensing tank level sensor for replenishing the liquid level and an RFID scanner coupled with an in-house developed database for tracking movement of personnel within a campus.

Our Strategies

EQAService is a focused and flexible company with the potential to be a close and long-term partner. EQAS is not bound by strict procedures, therefore being able to be a technical partner that can accommodate changing needs on a fast pace.